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With digital solutions and data-driven business models along the entire print product lifecycle, we turn Koenig & Bauer users into innovation champions, enabling them to work faster, better and more efficiently.

Accelerator of digital innovation

Koenig & Bauer’s Digital Unit is where cutting-edge technology in printing and packaging meets digital innovation. The interdisciplinary team is passionate about digital transformation and uses its in-depth expertise, cutting-edge technologies and agile development processes to work on the future topics of the industry.

Digital solutions

VisuEnergy X

VisuEnergy X is the cutting-edge energy management system for a more climate-friendly printing and packaging industry. Protect the environment and reduce your production costs with the ISO 50001-certified energy management system (EnMS) for energy-efficient printing and packaging production.


LogoTronic is the data hub of your production and the perfect link between management and shop floor level: it supplies presetting data to the presses and records operating data seamlessly and in real time. Connect your production and increase your productivity dramatically.

Optimus dash

Think lean and lead your business successfully into the future. The Optimus dash industry software allows you to automate business processes from end to end and and maximise your profitability. Get actionable insights with Optimus dash to achieve your goals faster.

Job Optimiser

With the Job Optimiser, you put your pre-planned jobs in the optimal production sequence and reduce your set-up times to an absolute minimum. This allows you to react quickly and flexibly to the rapidly changing requirements of your customers, while utilising your capacities in the best possible way.

Predictive Maintenance & Services

Peer into the future for up to 28 days. PdMS continuously monitors the condition of components and provides reliable forecasts of expected failures. This way, you identify and eliminate potential sources of error long before they lead to downtime. This maximises the uptime of your plant and reduces your production costs.

AR-Data Glass

Thanks to the robust, voice-controlled augmented reality glasses, our support team looks directly over your technicians’ shoulders. Via camera, our remote maintenance specialists see in real time what your technicians see on site and guide them step by step through the troubleshooting process.

News & Trends

Terms like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Big Data have been on everyone’s lips for the past few years. Here you will find interesting articles on trending topics and new products – join us on the journey of digital transformation.

„Hello, I am Kyana.”

Kyana is the epitome of Koenig & Bauer’s digital transformation. With every new tool, every increase in efficiency, every useful feature, Kyana will come to life. It will become a personality in its own right, guiding you along the path to digital success.

Transform today to exceed tomorrow.


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